Cenotaph 2017 Parade Report

The Association was once again allocated 40 places on the parade at the Cenotaph in London. The Chairman Jay O'Donnell sorted accomodation at the Travel Lodge VAUXHALL, which all went without a hitch.

The Troops (barring a few who remained at the UJC for sanity reasons) mustered at the Beehive Pub for beer and Rugby viewing were lots of drinking and carousing took place before during and way after the England stuffing of Argentina at rugby. The exodus towards the UJC for Caberet and cheaper booze took place in dribs and drabs up to 2230ish.

There was a great deal of confusion, caused wholly by the RBL about where we were sitting in the parade and we finally took our place behind the "Chockheads" and in front of the "Cloud Viewers" and discovered that we were actually at the very back of the queue. This was accentuated by the fact that before we "marched off" we were overtaken by the council lorry collecting up the crowd barriers!! Never the less we conducted the march past in relative good order despite the Chairmans shoes slowing and speeding up of their own accord throughout and the main bands apparently having lost interest on Whitehall!!
The Troop moved across Whitehall on reaching Horse Guards Parade and made a half decent approach to the Embankment (dodging security barriers and "bimblers") to take part in the secondary event of wreath laying at the Fleet Air Arm Memorial where the new Chairman of the Fly Navy Federation, Commodore RN(retd) Jock Alexander took the parade.

Post march found the ACA detachment wending their varied way back to "The Hole in the Wall" where a few refreshing pints were consumed along with several bowls of chips before the party broke up to allow different personnel to catch their transport home.

It was good to see a few of the more senior of our members turn up for a quick "Hello" on Saturday, namely "Bagsey" Baker, Derek Fiddaman and of course Denis and Margaret Woodhams who "warned out" the Police at Whitehall that we would be crossing the road post march - thanks Denis.

Photographs will be posted here when they are received and we look forward to doing it all again next year!!