Annual Report 2017 – 2018


This report was produced by the Association Secretary
on behalf of your Committee and was presented and subsequently ratified by the AGM in Weymouth.

The following, elected under Rule 7 a-d (duties) have led the Committee throughout the past 12 months:~ Jay O’Donnell (Chairman) Nipper Naylor (Vice-Chair) Ian Williams (Secretary/Membership) and Peter Jays (Treasurer)

The following, elected under Rule 6, have served in Committee over the past 12 months: ~ Harry Worth (FNF Rep) John Sheldon, Pete Wooldridge, Alkf Kitwood, Clive Brooks, Dave Hunn and John Dollin.

Jay O’Donnell and Andy Vanes have assisted the Committee from within the Aircrewman fraternity at Culdrose and Yeovilton respectively. Harry Worth has managed the Association’s website.

Once again the Committee have received sterling support from our Patron, Andy Barnwell. The post of Standard Bearer is currently vacant but we have a volunteer in place.

The Treasurer furnished the meeting with a rundown of the Association’s finances for the past 12 months and they were accepted as a true account. An independently witnessed audit of our accounts took place prior to the 2013 AGM.

The 2017 AGM (ACA40) took place at the De Vere Venues at Wokefield Park on April 22nd wherein there was a record attendance. The Committee held its autumn interim meeting in Welford on September 9th last. The Association’s Fly Navy Federation Rep, Harry Worth, has represented the ACA by continuing to attend various meetings of that organisation throughout the year. We continue to have a seat at all FNF meetings.

We have continued to maintain strong social links with the following sister FAA organizations and regularly exchange news and views, correspondence and magazines ~ FAAOA (Officers), FAAHA (Handlers), FAAAA (Armourers) and the RNR Air Branch. We also support and maintain, through Andy Vanes and Paul Collacott, a cordial working relationship with the RN Historic Flight.

We have also continued our link with the Royal British Legion by way of the Cenotaph celebrations every November (see Note 12 below) As stated earlier, we have had an active seat on the Fly Navy Federation Committee which met regularly throughout the past year.

All Committee Members continue to promote your Association with a view to increasing its profile within the service and beyond.

The Associations profile is as high as ever on all FAA Squadrons and at all the major Air Stations. Future social events will continue to be advertised in and around the crewrooms. Joining forms are available to all serving Aircrewmen within the Fleet Air Arm and we continue to support our air station reps with admin back up and communication. It’s satisfying to note that Membership from within the serving Aircrewman community is still on the increase.

Since the last AGM (2017) we have recruited 35 new full Members, 28 of whom are currently serving and 1 Associate. We have received 1 resignation.

Sadly, 3 Full Members (Bert Worthington, Ginge Surtees and Ron Cook) have passed away over the past year.

All Members now have their own numbered ACA Membership card and every new joiner is welcomed by letter and issued with a new car sticker, an Association book marker and the latest copy of TACAN. All new Members now receive an ACA tie (Slops permitting) Following a decision made at the 2006 AGM, and endorsed by the Committee at successive meetings, all incorrect payers do not enjoy any Member benefits.


FULL ~ 313 LIFE ~ 31 ASSOCIATE ~ 22
Current serving members number 95 = 30.15% of FULL

John Sheldon continues as Flag Officer Golf. Last year’s event was held prior to the 2017 AGM when Si Lewis won the Billy Deacon Memorial Trophy.

The new website was launched at the 2013 AGM and demonstrated by the new, and now incumbent, Webmaster Harry Worth. All fully paid up members now need to register on the site to gain access to the “Members Only” areas. With Internet access now widely available, it is satisfying to know that most applications for Membership come from the website via the on-line joining form.
We remain committed to support and develop this resource as a key to our future communications strategy. The current annual cost to maintain our site is £102.49 (Registration is £25 every 2 years and hosting is £89.99) We have now found our way onto various MOD, Naval and other Service Association links pages.

This is the Association’s main financial outgoing. Annual cost to produce is around £1500 and postage costs approx. £450 per annum. We continue to seek, through our Patron and other means, substantial sponsorship from major companies and we will continue to pursue this avenue of income to support and part finance the cost.

All editions now contain more colour content, and as a result, there has been a slight increase in production cost year on year. Edition 56 was despatched to Members in early January of this year ~ cost to the ACA varies between £2.07 and £2.55 dependent on the number of pages. TACAN 56 was £2.49 this year.

Approx 48 Members now opt for an electronic (.pdf copy) sent by the Secretary. All Overseas Members with Email addresses now receive their magazines via this method. Both these initiatives save the Association approx £52 p.a..

In accordance with a decision made by the AGM some years ago, Members in arrears with their subscriptions and ex-Members do not receive TACAN. The magazine is now distributed to all Squadron crewrooms regardless of ACA Membership therein.

The ACA now has a thriving Facebook page with 323 Members where the Aircrewman fraternity and interested parties (ACA members or not) can exchange posts, dits, pictures and chat.

Some years ago your Committee applied to the RBL for the right to take an active part in the Cenotaph march past annually in November. This was granted and we initially received 30 tickets each year. Association attendance continues to increase year on year and we now receive an increased number of tickets

After the main parade we now join up with other FAA Associations and march as one contingent to pay our respects at a short ceremony at the FAA Embankment.

As has been well documented we suffered some major problems last year. De-Vere Management held their hands up and admitted that the service they gave the Association was unsatisfactory and, subsequently, issued an unreserved apology. We subsequently received some financial recompense to which your Committee has already started to, and will continue to, use for the benefit of the whole Membership.

The 2018 autumn interim Committee meeting will take place at a venue TBC in September or October.

The next AGM/Social weekend (ACA42) will take place at a venue to be decided by this AGM next April.

14 APRIL 2018