About Us

Although not always known as Aircrewmen, we have been around for longer than many realise.

During the second World War the first generation were called 'Telegraphist Air Gunners' (TAG's). They flew in the rear seats of Fairey Swordfish and other similar aircraft performing the navigation, communication and air-gunner roles, and took part in all the major Fleet Air Arm skirmishes during WW2.

blue-aircraftSoon after the war, the helicopter hovered onto the scene, and as the versatility of this new aircraft became apparent, so men from the various branches were 'loaned' to become Rating Aircrew, and carry out the wide variety of tasks that the role demanded.

During this period TAG's and Aircrewmen, and more recently Women, have served with distinction, many of who's service has been recognised with numerous decorations for gallantry and distinguished service.